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From Rick Winscot <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [Binding] Logo - final tweaks
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 17:46:39 GMT
There isn't any reason that the community can't assist with the rest of the line items... power
point template, keynote template, whatnot. The original contest is over... expecting the winner
to come up with additional material is inconsiderate. This wasn't outlined as an expectation
/ part of the contest.

Logo != type face... if Apache Flex wants an official 'font' to use... that's something else
that the PMC should take up methinks. That wasn't an original requirement of the logo contest.

The logo should be in vector format to facilitate scaling... and to establish the logo as
a derivative work. You shouldn't include / embed any fonts in-total as that will likely result
in copyright infringement. 

Rick Winscot

On Friday, January 27, 2012 at 11:47 AM, Doug McCune wrote:

> > 
> > C.7 I'd add some stationary elements that we could use in printable
> > documents used with more traditional communication channels.
> > 
> C.8 I'd also like to see some studies around printed presentation and
> > promotion materials (brochures, pens, notebook, etc.)
> While I think it's a nice to have just to see how the logo works in that
> context, I don't think we should require the logo designer to create tons
> of material just to finish the contest. Let's just get a final logo done
> that we can use on the web. Creating assets for use on everything frpm pens
> to notebooks to brochures to printed whitepapers (all of which you asked
> for) is a LOT of work, and is work that can be done when those items are
> actually needed (if they ever are).
> > C.9 Finally, and that is somehow included in the stationary items I
> > referenced above, there should be a base slide show theme that we could use
> > with Powerpoint or other presentation software. This theme would not only
> > include a background (easily constructed from C.4), but also common slide
> > layouts and elements.
> > 
> Designing a nice clean slide deck (which would need to be done in
> Powerpoint and Keynote to satisfy everyone) is a lot of work. Again, let's
> focus on getting a final logo and not bogging down the poor guy with all
> these other tasks just to complete the contest. Just because he's a
> designer doesn't mean he has to give away hours and hours of his time to
> create slide decks for the projects (if he wants to, great, but it's not
> expected). Someone else can take on the slide deck creation if they want to.
> C.10 Font Face. We could select our brand font that we would use for all
> > designs and documents. It would have to be an open-source font that would
> > be given under ICLA or CCLA to Apache. Just an idea anyhow.
> > 
> I'm not sure what the rules are about the fonts that are actually used IN
> the logo, so we should make sure we clarify that and that all is kosher
> with Apache rules. But beyond that, again, I don't think it's the logo
> winner's job to create a full branding identity document that explains
> exactly which fonts you should use in which contexts when talking about
> Apache Flex.
> > 
> > E. What I'm about to suggest is a bit of a stretch, so take it with a
> > grain of salt. As I said I also liked your other logo very much. The colors
> > were a definite attraction point, but the thing that attracted me the most
> > was its irregular nature. The way it was "stretched" into its final shape
> > and then "stayed" in that shape spoke volumes to me about flexibility and
> > stability. I wonder if some of that irregular balance can be ported to this
> > logo? I realize that this was the logo that was selected and that possibly
> > the fact that it has a stable and regular shape played a big role people's
> > decision to choose it, but I had to say something. Sorry if I'm disturbing
> > too much.
> > 
> I think this is asking too much. You're asking to change the fundamental
> shape of the logo, which is what people voted on. It shouldn't be expected
> that to finish the logo contest we have the designer come up with a new
> logo.

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