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From Giorgio Natili <>
Subject Re: [Subject Tagging]
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 14:38:43 GMT
Hi Mike,

Just a quick note about your comment on your blog regarding this proposal,
you say: 

"Folks, I have had enough experience with forums and mailing lists to say,
whatever order you try and achieve will never work. Mainly due to the
influx of new members and the fact it¹s community driven from all over the

I have had a different experience in Italy, years ago there was a mailing
list named and each morning a member post a welcome
message with the rules in order to avoid new coming immediately break them.
It worked nice...


On 1/23/12 8:55 AM, "Giorgio Natili" <> wrote:

>Hi All,
>I don't know if it has been already discussed but I guess that some
>subject tagging rules can help a lot discussions to be well organized and
>easy to search.
>For instance we can have the following tags
>[Disc] = general discussions
>[Test] = automation testing / tdd
>[Core] = core features discussions
>[Comp] = components discussions
>[Ann]  = announcements
>[OT]   = off topic
>And so on... What do you think?

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