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From Fr├ęderic Cox <>
Subject Re: logo contest closed
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 17:50:00 GMT
As I understand it the PPMC members will vote. All we can do is vote so
they can look at the community votes which are non-binding and influence
their opinion that way. You can involve all the designers in the world to
vote (or all of Adobe's designers) but ultimately it will be decided by
the PPMC members.

On 18/01/12 18:37, "Alex Hugh" <> wrote:

>Hi Doug,
>I have a real concern as to how reliable the voting works when we want to
>choose the best logo for Apache Flex, remember
>this is based on quantity, not quality. The idea is bad.
>Can I suggest that you should invite the right designers in Adobe, Leo
>Burnett, Ogilvy, etc to do the voting and not us since
>we are not truly the best person to decide. I believe choosing the wrong
>logo will tend to give the wrong impression and purpose.
>On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 12:57 AM, Dany Dhondt <> wrote:
>> +1
>> -Dany
>> Op 18-jan.-2012, om 17:47 heeft Doug McCune het volgende geschreven:
>>> One additional thought... what about removing the authors names and
>>> randomizing the list of entries now that the contest is closed? This
>>> two effects:
>>> 1. People aren't swayed by who created the logo (as much). People
>>> wouldn't be swayed by seeing votes come in for a certain person's logo.
>>> you'd see are votes for entry numbers.
>>> 2. People are forced to look at every logo again. Since the rules of
>>> submission were that you were supposed to submit and then update the
>>> preview URL with any updates, there may have been updates to various
>>> Lazy voters might look at a submission entry in the list and already
>>> how they are going to vote, but the logo might have been changed since
>>> originally looked at it. If we anonymize and randomize the entries then
>>> force people to look at each one during the voting process. It will
>>> longer, since voters can't just skip over ones they know they don't
>>> but given the fact that logos can change since they were submitted I
>>> that might be more a pro than a con.

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