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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Flex incubation on Apache as Opensource
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 06:57:01 GMT

On 1/14/12 10:41 PM, "Amit Goel" <> wrote:

> Adobe will be donating the Flex SDK, and not the AVM/playerglobals etc. So
> Adobe will continue to own the legacy on Flash and it's heart -
>  ActionScript/AVM. I am just thinking past sometime around the period of
> Flex3, if this same incubation could have done that time, is there a single
> member in the community could even think of developing Flex4 SDK with spark
> containers? I believe NO.
Spark did not leverage any VM enhancements to my knowledge.

> The community is just here to develop some more components on top of the
> SDK components - that's it?
I don't think that's it.  Lots of new ideas will be explored.

> But why no AVM and other legacy without which community is real lame
> with having a restricted scope, in which they are to just maintain the Flex
> evolution?
Every Java project in Apache does not include the JVM.  ActionScript
projects don't need to include the AVM.

> But what I see is that scope available for the community seems to be very
> restricted, where there is a huge dependency on its original legacy holder
> i.e. Adobe itself.
The scope available is already able to create world-class enterprise
applications.  That seems to be good enough for the folks joining this

> You see Alex telling
> here<
> 0and%20interfaces#query:Flex%20modularity%20through%20composition%20and%20inte
> rfaces+page:1+mid:c274z4qt3e74ri3b+state:results>,
> that a blank interface in AVM consumes around 1K and loads extra 250 bytes
> to an SWF! What are the ways we can reduce it? Its absolutely - No Way
> around, until Adobe itself comes up with some changes to AVM.
True, but I don't think we need to reduce that to be successful.

> Ok we have jira
> <>now hosted with Apache for
> Flex, we will continue logging SDKs bug which were initially done on
> Adobe's site <>.
We plan to migrate Adobe Flex SDK bugs to Apache, so please do not re-file
issues filed with Adobe.

> And YES, Adobe will make some
> charity(if at all possible) sometime by fixing some of the bugs logged
> there via their SDK team. I am saying that becoz Adobe already was lazy
> fixing bugs logged under their banner <>.
The point of going opensource is now the project members can fix bugs and
Adobe has no say of which ones to fix.
> It reminds me of Steve Jobs criticizing Adobe which created havoc over
> Flash/Flex community. I believe this Apache Flex could only be opensource
> when community is free to develop the SDK, own the legacy without any
> limitations. With this incubation, I was feeling a fresh air of Flex being
> opensourced and other major vendors Apple/Google/MicroSoft will adopt it as
> a standard, but this is not going to happen anymore, when its creator
> itself is taking its hand back on this.
> I am a great supporter of Flex, and want Apache Flex to live long!
Hmm, didn't see much support in your email, and I think your goals are too
lofty.  This project can be successful without becoming a standard approved
by Apple/Google/Microsoft.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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