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From Wael Jammal <>
Subject Re: Flex modularity through composition and interfaces (Dependency Injection)
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 08:05:08 GMT
Inject on it's own is not that useful imho. When using my container or
others I very often make use of Factory, constructor args etc. etc.

I am really against any DI added to the flex framework, the framework
should provide the layer as it does now for us to build our own

As for MessageDispatcher my framework does that as well, basically the
point is that no where in your application do you implement interfaces or
extend any framework classes, at least not in mine and I know parsley
tries very hard in that area as well. It just makes it easier to switch,
replace, upgrade or remove
the container.

In my case I stuck with as little magic string usage as possible and
thanks to the flex 4.5 autocomplete for meta data our army of flex
developers have had 0 problems using
My container, the headache lies in magic strings, if we could somehow make
those Constants like in Java then that would solve another big issue.

Wael Jammal

RS New Media

On 06/01/2012 04:23, "Tink" <> wrote:

>On 6 Jan 2012, at 00:12, Douglas Arthur wrote:
>> The one problem I have with Metadata is when doing a code refactor,
>> it does not take into account the Metadata tags. Thus, it's easier
>> to miss changes that should be made to metadata when refactoring.
>> That's to say if the Metadata is more complex than things like a
>> simple [Inject] tag. This was one of the drawbacks I had when using
>> Parsley, although I really enjoyed what Parsley did for me.
>> - Doug
>I generally only event us [Inject] & [MessageDispatcher]
>Parsley is wonderfully flexible, but that flexibility adds drawbacks,
>but obviously you aint gotta use it all, just difficult enforcing that.
>Never really understood why why there is a separate tag for
>MessageDispatcher and why you could just use inject and type the prop
>as an IMessageDispatcher. Guess its so you don't call a method on an
>instance, you just invoke the method injected.
>So I'm not suggesting we support a shed loads of new tags (although
>Metadata being a first class citizen would be a huge move forwards),
>but just officially support [Inject].

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