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From Doug Arthur <>
Subject Re: FLEX Logo Sketch
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2012 02:49:14 GMT
On Jan 6, 2012 4:53 PM, "Michael Schmalle" <> wrote:
> Quoting Carlos Rovira <>:
>> Hi,
>> As I said before, I'm thinking that square version could be some icon
>> we already don't have and represents Flex. It should have a good
>> combination with this anagram. Make a square version of this logo is near
>> impossible since is designed to be wide and flatten.
>> @Michael: I understand what you mean, I can experiment with the "new
>> horizont idea" (although as I said my inspiration was to abstract the arc
>> of a Bow (and apache Bow in opposite to the apache feather, but if we get
>> to inspire different things the better! :)). In the end the basic
>> vector logo should allow us to experiment and end having a variety of end
>> versions and results (like does nike, apple and so on...)
>> Carlos.
> Even if you attempted what I was talking about I bet you could still keep
your original vision.
> I was just saying try moving the bow a hair down and you might see you
get the bow, horizon and see Flex all at once, many symbols contained in
one graphic.
> Mike

I hope I'm not chiming in too late here, but i think the first one Carlos
did with the entire arc it's much better. I polled several non-technical,
and unbiased sources to see if the concerns about what the logo said were
founded our not.

Here's what I did...
I asked several nurses and lab techs at a doctors appointment today what
they saw at a quick glance, and everyone of them were able to clearly read
what was presented to them. In addition, everyone was in awe with the
graphics and thought it looked really cool.  It was sad that I couldn't
take credit for such good work, telling them it wasn't my design.

I also pinged my wife, which is familiar with the word, but she also
especially liked the first one better.

In addition to my wife, several of her friends that are unbiased had the
same reaction to the test.

In short, I really like the first one, and definitely cast my +1 for that
one so far. I hope others see this point and can agree with me on that. My
test proves that that logo makes a solid statement.

Now I'm not totally against nudging the arc down or doing some tweaks to
it, but I think it's good a it stands, and I definitely prefer the whole
arc compared to the sliced one.

Good job Carlos!

Now it's truly up to the community on what logo gets selected, and I think
this contest idea will be great, and I honestly hope to see even more from
the community before it's over and one is selecting. This community it's
thriving, and things like this will drive great innovation with what we can
do as a community!

Just so there's no confusion, I'm taking about this logo proposal:

- Doug
And that's my $0.02.

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