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From Dirk Eismann <>
Subject Re: jira task to decide on Apache Flex version number needed
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 17:06:11 GMT
AFAIK Adobe stated that they will continue to provide support for Flex
4.6 for existing customers (i.e. key accounts with enterprise support)
so I expect that they add fixes / additions to Adobe Flex. Do we need
to backport them to Apache Flex? Don't know. Also, there's this CS SDK
which I personally never played with but which can be used to create
add-ons for the CS programs using Adobe Flex. Maybe they want to keep
that door open? The latest Connect product is also built around Flex
as many others... will be interesting to see if they (the corporate
Adobe "they") will embrace Apache Flex and add it to their tools as
well or if they will keep developing their own internal branch. Time
will tell.


2012/1/18 Peter Elst <>:
>> Adobe is shipping Adobe Flex 4.6.0 and we can't rule out the possibility
>> that there might be an Adobe Flex 4.6.x.
> wow, really - potentially a Flex 4.6.x released under the Adobe name? Not
> sure what to think about that, was under the assumption no Flex was
> completely under Apache now. Isn't the trademark donated etc.
> - Peter

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