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From Dirk Eismann <>
Subject Re: Trace & Log
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 08:43:18 GMT
I like the idea. I often wished we had logging capabilities for
release version SWFs running in release players that are similar to
what e.g.. log4j offers for Java applications (the reason it works in
Java is that javac by default always compiles debug information for
source files and line numbers into class files. They have no concept
of a "release build" vs. a "debug build". Different VM, different

The use case Martin describes (error only happening in release player
or only on specific machine configurations usually at the end user /
customer) sounds too familiar. The way I handled this was to add some
self crafted logging that accumulates log information and on demand
sends them away using http... not nice, but works. But it also could
be so much better.

So I definitely would like to see these logging features Martin
sketched up and would be happy to help out.


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