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From Nicholas Kwiatkowski <>
Subject Re: What about Cairngorm 3?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 16:20:24 GMT

There is a reason why even Adobe never published a "Best Practices"
document when writing Flex (for small projects or even enterprise).  Best
Practices, espically when you start to bring in frameworks are not a
"one-size fits-all" type of model.  Patterns that I use for large apps that
use Fiber are /completely/ different than those that done.  Patterns that I
use for apps that I share libraries with mobile or TV based apps are
/completely/ different than those enterprise apps that run in my 911
centers.  Some of these apps I've written use the popular frameworks --
many do not.

*Flex, itself is a framework*.  It doesn't force you into any particular
coding convention, but in my eyes, that is for the better.  It leaves it up
to the coder to best determine what is the best / most efficient / most
correct for their own situation.  Sure, that will mean that we will have
developers who write bad code -- but chances are those will be the same
developers who don't understand WHY a recommendation is made -- only that
is is right and that they need to follow it.  That helps nobody (they still
write 'bad' code, it is just formatted according to the guidelines).

Right now, what the incubator really needs is to get this project off the
ground.  Once we get the code we need to work on the deficiencies that we
identify for the SDK and framework to make it viable again for enterprises.
 This is where our effort should be put rather than trying
to excerpt control over other developers, or make recommendations that
really don't help out many people right now.  Right now the Flex SDK won't
be getting any new users due to the PR statements of its previous creator.
 We need to turn that around before we tackle anything else.

Now, a group like the Spoon Foundation (which is tasking itself with the
education and promotion aspect of Flex) may be a good group to help put
together recommendations.  But I think we have much more important things
on our plat to busy ourselves with it.  Plus, my notes of having an
'official' document irks me the wrong way.


On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 4:40 AM, Sebastian Mohr <> wrote:

> @Rui
> Great that you've asked. I intended to cover this
> topic today ;) The situation can be boiled down
> to this question:
> Will Apache Flex only be responsible for managing
> the Flex SDK or will Apache Flex also be responsible
> to define "Best Coding Practices" to build sustainable
> Flex apps?
> Some guys on this list seem to dislike that Apache Flex
> should be responsible to define "Best Coding Practices"
> for Flex, which IMHO I think is wrong.
> When this debate has been clarified we will see if the
> "Best Coding Practices" discussions have to move to
> another mailing list, or not.
> -- Sebastian
> On Jan 12, 2012, at 10:02 AM, Rui Silva wrote:
> > I've been seeing some discussions around best practices for Flex
> > application development which led me to think about Cairngorm 3 which was
> > large that: Some architectural best practices and supporting code
> > libraries. Cairngorm is currently hosted on Sourceforge
> > (
> >
> > Could this be a starting point?
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Rui
> >

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