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From David Francis Buhler <>
Subject Re: Board report due tomorrow
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2012 14:58:52 GMT
Let me kick-start this:

Please add the following items:

Project name and one-line summary. Apache Flex.
Date of entry to the Incubator. 12/31/2011
Top three items to resolve before graduation.
Here are the points to be addressed:

Is there anything that the Incubator PMC or ASF Board specifically
needs to address?
Are there any legal, infrastructure, cross-project or personal issues
that need to be addressed? (Are there any stumbling blocks that impede
the podling?)
Check that the project's Incubation Status file up to date. (Also
provide the URL.)
What has been done (releases, milestones, etc.) since the last report?
- Carol ended up writing an AIR app to dump the history of the framework
files.  It is running now, and has been for a few days.  It is on file
4490 out of 5413.   As soon as it is done Carol  will get it to the Apache
infrastructure folks to populate trunk.
- Alex has finished dumping the Adobe Flex JIRA database.  Alex was
working on the logistics of getting a 6GB file delivered to Apache so
it could be loaded in the Apache Flex JIRA database.
What are the plans and expectations for the next period?
Are there any recommendations for how incubation could run more
smoothly for you?
etc. (your own thoughts on what is important would be helpful!)

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