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From David Francis Buhler <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [Binding] Logo - final tweaks
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 17:02:45 GMT
The communication gap I see is a proposal for a Well-Defined Product
Brand, and a quest to fulfill the original logo request.

I'd love to see the former, but I'm completely unsure how to propose it.

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 11:47 AM, Doug McCune <> wrote:
>> C.7 I'd add some stationary elements that we could use in printable
>> documents used with more traditional communication channels.
>  C.8 I'd also like to see some studies around printed presentation and
>> promotion materials (brochures, pens, notebook, etc.)
> While I think it's a nice to have just to see how the logo works in that
> context, I don't think we should require the logo designer to create tons
> of material just to finish the contest. Let's just get a final logo done
> that we can use on the web. Creating assets for use on everything frpm pens
> to notebooks to brochures to printed whitepapers (all of which you asked
> for) is a LOT of work, and is work that can be done when those items are
> actually needed (if they ever are).
>> C.9 Finally, and that is somehow included in the stationary items I
>> referenced above, there should be a base slide show theme that we could use
>> with Powerpoint or other presentation software. This theme would not only
>> include a background (easily constructed from C.4), but also common slide
>> layouts and elements.
> Designing a nice clean slide deck (which would need to be done in
> Powerpoint and Keynote to satisfy everyone) is a lot of work. Again, let's
> focus on getting a final logo and not bogging down the poor guy with all
> these other tasks just to complete the contest. Just because he's a
> designer doesn't mean he has to give away hours and hours of his time to
> create slide decks for the projects (if he wants to, great, but it's not
> expected). Someone else can take on the slide deck creation if they want to.
> C.10 Font Face. We could select our brand font that we would use for all
>> designs and documents. It would have to be an open-source font that would
>> be given under ICLA or CCLA to Apache. Just an idea anyhow.
> I'm not sure what the rules are about the fonts that are actually used IN
> the logo, so we should make sure we clarify that and that all is kosher
> with Apache rules. But beyond that, again, I don't think it's the logo
> winner's job to create a full branding identity document that explains
> exactly which fonts you should use in which contexts when talking about
> Apache Flex.
>> E. What I'm about to suggest is a bit of a stretch, so take it with a
>> grain of salt. As I said I also liked your other logo very much. The colors
>> were a definite attraction point, but the thing that attracted me the most
>> was its irregular nature. The way it was "stretched" into its final shape
>> and then "stayed" in that shape spoke volumes to me about flexibility and
>> stability. I wonder if some of that irregular balance can be ported to this
>> logo? I realize that this was the logo that was selected and that possibly
>> the fact that it has a stable and regular shape played a big role people's
>> decision to choose it, but I had to say something. Sorry if I'm disturbing
>> too much.
> I think this is asking too much. You're asking to change the fundamental
> shape of the logo, which is what people voted on. It shouldn't be expected
> that to finish the logo contest we have the designer come up with a new
> logo.

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