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From Omar Gonzalez <>
Subject Re: Flexionscript
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 17:01:44 GMT
Well, to start this is the flex-dev mailing list for the Apache Flex
project... it is not the Apache Flash Runtime and ActionScript 3 language
Project... so not sure why so many people want to come and suggest language
enhancements. I understand we all want improvements to ActionScript 3, but
that's not what we're doing here. We're here to work on, fix, and improve
the Flex SDK.

As far as MXML goes Adobe has stated their intent on donating the MXMLC
compiler. This has yet to pass legal review I believe, like the actual SDK
source code, and is why we have not yet actually received the compiler code
for MXMLC. As far as I understand MXMLC uses the same ActionScript 3
compiler that the Flash Pro IDE uses, except it handles the parsing and
conversion of MXML code. If and when the MXMLC compiler is donated we
should be able to update how MXML files are handled... however, the Falcon
compiler will also eventually be donated (or at least its been stated as an
intention) and personally I think any changes we attempt to make to MXML
should wait until we have that code for the Falcon compilers (Falcon and

As far as AS3 language changes go once we receive all compilers... I still
doubt at that point we will make AS3 language changes since at this point
we will still be limited to the constraints of the AVM. And without knowing
what exactly Falcon handles and how its done its hard to say that we'll
even be able to make the most minor aesthetic changes to the AS3 language.

In short, I would suggest we all focus our energy on things that we can
effect in the immediate future and that which should be our main focus, the
Flex SDK. That said, nobody is stopping you from dreaming up a wishlist!


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