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From Randy Troppmann <>
Subject New feature request: Stage Map View
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 18:22:09 GMT
Hi Alex,

> What is a "stage map view"?

"Stage Map View" would be a component that would uses the native map
control on mobile. Google's AS3 map api is deprecated. Using a Stage
Web View to show maps means you are bound to the EULA of that map
provider, which blocks me from using it in an app that is not free.
Using the native map control would allow me to include an interactive
map in my non-free app and would give me all the benefits of the
native map control.

> If you put in a JIRA request for a stage map view and 1000 people voted for
> it, and nobody else in the community wanted to work on it, I would probably
> try to do it.

Are you talking about the Adobe's feature request mechanism?

If you worked on it in context of Apache Flex I would be super keen to help.

- Randy

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