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From Iwo Banaś <>
Subject Re: Flex SDK code conventions
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2012 18:26:44 GMT
> I've never been a fan of highly detailed coding conventions.  For example, I
> could care less if you use tab or space.  Any modern editor can configure
> its tab width.  I do care that a tab is four spaces though and want you to
> set your editor up that way.

I'm not fanatic about codding conventions as well but I hate mixing
code changes with reformatting.
Unfortunately many "modern editors" doesn't make your life easier if
you are modifying code with inconsistent formatting. e.g. if the code
contains the mix of spaces and tabs and you fix a typo in the
property. It's really hard to tell from the diff if this is only a
whitespaces reformatting or if there is any code change.

That's why I'd give +1 for initial global reformatting.
I'd also keep the format as similar to the current standard as
possible to minimize the changes.

Iwo Banas

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