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From Raju Bitter <>
Subject Re: Flex performance
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 01:34:59 GMT
2012/1/5 Jeffry Houser <>:
>  I'm not sure this needs a new component framework, or set of components.
>  (It might, but I just don't know).  There are already two approaches to
> this in "early" development.  Falcon-JS by Adobe and I believe Michael
> Labriola had done some experiments around that.
Don't know about Michael Labriola's work, but in the Falcon JS demo at
FlexSummit someone said that the size of the generated JavaScript code
is a total of 5mb for a simple app with a few buttons. That can be
reduced to 2.5 mb using Google Closure compiler, but 2.5 mb of JS is
still A LOT of JS code for a simple app. OpenLaszlo generates 600kb
without using Google Closure's optimization for a simple app, and the
largest apps I'm aware of with 110k+ lines of "MXML" like code will
generate into 1.8-1.9 mb of JS code with the platform.

Without knowing the details of Falcon JS it's hard to know why the
file size is so much larger with Falcon JS. I doubt that the iPad
renders a 2.5 mb JS app with a good performance (the problem is JS
parsing, not execution of the code).

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