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From Raju Bitter <>
Subject Re: Flex performance
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 10:04:20 GMT
Hi Jeffry,

2012/1/4 Jeffry Houser <>:
>  Has open Laszlo stayed up to date?  I hadn't heard of it in many years.
The project has been maintained relatively well by Laszlo until early
2011, it seems the company has stopped development at the moment.

I wasn't thinking of using OpenLaszlo directly. But there are some
lessons which can be learned from the project if we'd want to create a
JavaScript cross-compilation feature for Flex. The approach you choose
when building components within Flex affects how easy it would be to
make the same component set (code base) run as an HTML5 app -
especially for mobile webkit.

>  I--personally--would  rather see efforts put towards optimizing existing
> Flex Components or the component framework; not on creating a 3rd component
> framework within Flex.
Agree, that will be more valuable at the moment. Just don't wouldn't
close the door for a possible HTML5 output of the Flex compiler. I'd
be willing to contribute the knowledge I have on OpenLaszlo to
investigate the possible cross-compilation of a Flex app to HTML5 -
although I'd be only able to do that for 4-5 hours per week.

- Raju

> On 1/4/2012 5:10 PM, Raju Bitter wrote:
>> It would make sense to build a light-weight component set for Flex,
>> which could be used for rendering Flex apps in HTML5 later on. The
>> approach could be based on the UI/component implementation OpenLaszlo
>> has (which provides cross-compilation features for ActionScript and
>> JavaScript, check this demo):
>> HTML5 version
>> SWF version
>> 2012/1/4 Fréderic Cox<>:
>>> And it's not only on mobile, on desktop (mostly Mac's) this is a problem
>>> also. I'm talking about big enterprise applications and websites here
>>> (like a CMS with graphical skin applied, nothing really in standard Flex
>>> skin)
>>> On 04/01/12 22:49, "Arthur Lockman"<>  wrote:
>>>> +1 on this. Performance definitely needs to be addressed on Flex. I've
>>>> noticed that on newer devices, it works fine. But on the slightly older
>>>> ones, performance is a huge issue. Hopefully we can get in there and
>>>> clean it up so it performs better.
>>>> --
>>>> Arthur Lockman | Senior Developer @ Vivace
>>>> Twitter: @arthurlockman
>>>> On Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 4:28 PM, Fréderic Cox wrote:
>>>>> I've worked on Flex applications for the past 4-5 years and see a lot
>>>>> of developers picking it up since it is easy to create rich
>>>>> applications. However performance is often an issue.
>>>>> I mostly see it when using a lot of styles (or one large CSS file) and
>>>>> skinned components (It is even worse with Flex 4 then it was with Flex
>>>>> 3). When a Flex application gets really large the UI is blocked because
>>>>> there is too much actionscript code needed to get things running. (with
>>>>> this I mean the processing time is acceptable but UI is blocked so the
>>>>> perception is that things are slow)
>>>>> Therefore I'd like to vote on improving the performance of the Flex
>>>>> framework where possible so new and existing applications can benefit.
>>>>> Flex 4 with spark is great but comes with some performance drawbacks,
>>>>> hope we can improve on this significantly.
>>>>> I'm speaking on behalf of the experience and perception in the company
>>>>> I work for, I'm curious to see if this is also a problem for the rest
>>>>> of
>>>>> you.
>>>>> I'm not the expert here but I'd like to get involved and learn so I can
>>>>> eventually help to fix issues but I believe UIComponent had some
>>>>> overhead and this together with the StyleManager can cause performance
>>>>> drawbacks in large applications
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