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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject [OT] Future of Flex talk
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2012 06:56:45 GMT
Hi there,

I've been invited to gave a talk on the Future of Flex at the Sydney Adobe platform user Group
in a months time.

Here's a rough draft/outline of what I was thinking of talking about. it's likely to change
as things progress here over the next month.

Anyone have any other topics or suggestions to talk about? Reply directly to me if you think
this is off topic for the list.

I'm can provide the slides if anyone want to use them as a basis for a talk.

Summary of the Adobe news
- discounting Flash player in browsers for mobile
- concentrating on AIR
- handover over Flex SDK and compiler to Apache
- discontinue Flash Catalyst
- what about Falcon?
- FlashBuilder/Flash Player future
- Flex summit summary
- Flex roadshow summary

What Adobe is going to hand over
- what has been handed over
- still to come

Apache and the Apache way

Flex incubation
- process
- roles
- committers

What's been achieved so far
- incubation site
- mailing lists
- logo
- Flex name status
- bugfixes
- first release build progress
- ideas on framework changes
- whiteboard area

What about Spoon?
- What's Spoon?
- people involved in Spoon
- Spoons new direction

How to get involved
- building the Flex SDK (real or whiteboard)
- submitting patches
 -submitting ideas
- other ways


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