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From Tink < >
Subject Re: Flex modularity through composition and interfaces (Dependency Injection)
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 00:23:54 GMT
On 6 Jan 2012, at 00:12, Douglas Arthur wrote:
> The one problem I have with Metadata is when doing a code refactor,  
> it does not take into account the Metadata tags. Thus, it's easier  
> to miss changes that should be made to metadata when refactoring.  
> That's to say if the Metadata is more complex than things like a  
> simple [Inject] tag. This was one of the drawbacks I had when using  
> Parsley, although I really enjoyed what Parsley did for me.
> - Doug

I generally only event us [Inject] & [MessageDispatcher]

Parsley is wonderfully flexible, but that flexibility adds drawbacks,  
but obviously you aint gotta use it all, just difficult enforcing that.

Never really understood why why there is a separate tag for  
MessageDispatcher and why you could just use inject and type the prop  
as an IMessageDispatcher. Guess its so you don't call a method on an  
instance, you just invoke the method injected.

So I'm not suggesting we support a shed loads of new tags (although  
Metadata being a first class citizen would be a huge move forwards),  
but just officially support [Inject].

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