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From "Dimitri k." <>
Subject Re: First Flex release as soon as possible? (was: So, what should we do first?)
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 13:36:52 GMT
From: "Bertrand Delacretaz" <>
> As far as the Incubator is concerned, a release doesn't exist if it's
> not public.
> So if the first Apache Flex release is not interesting to users, we
> should just label it as such, but it will still be public.
> Creating it will IMO be a very useful exercise for this podling, and
> it will be an important milestone towards graduating Flex.

Valid points.
Maybe it was more the talk about 3.5 Apache release that made me worried we
waste some steam on things nobody would use.

If the point is to have the podling practice an Apache release, and if this
is labeled as such, I withdraw the doubts I've emitted earlier.
+1 for a "practice" 4.6 Apache Flex release 

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