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From "Rui Silva" <>
Subject Re: another logo submission
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 13:54:29 GMT
Regarding Doug's logo proposal, Carlos Rovira said: 

> The only problem that I see is the close similarity to Plex app (that 
> has a very similar name to Flex)
> See this :

There's definitely some resemblance. Not too much, but just enough to make 
it somewhat similar, at least in concept (I guess that anything that ends 
in X will follow the same temptation... :) )

Yet, my main gripe with Doug's proposal (I love the general approach and 
graphic quality, btw) is that Flex is harder to read and, while that may 
not be too much of a problem, a clear identity goes a long way to build a 
brand, especially when it's starting up. Plex app, while maintaining the 
same concept actually deals a lot better with the legibility issue.

I know that the decision to move forward with a logo contest has been made 
and I've kept myself a little bit off that discussion (and vote). As would 
be expected I fully abide by the notion of lazy voting, so my vote is a 
good as cast with a resounding +1. Yet, I think that graphic design is a 
lot like coding and that collaborative work is also possible and, actually 
desirable, especially in a community like ours. I was about to start some 
conversation (public of course) with Carlos about his logo submission and 
was tempted to do the same with Doug and I think that by working together 
we could achieve something very cool.

So, what do I mean with all this seemingly inconsequential rambling? I'd 
like that the contest would leave open the possibility that none of the 
submitted logos would be selected (I'd say that the one that got the most 
votes would still have to be approved by the PPMC by internal vote) and 
that in that case we would propose the winner to work with us towards some 
improvements on the submitted logo.

I am also perfectly comfortable with the rest of the group just saying that 
I'm over-thinking this logo business and that I should shut up know, which 
I'll do. For now ;)


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