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From Tink < >
Subject Re: [Automation] Could we loose automation for legal or business reasons?
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 22:46:07 GMT
On 23 Jan 2012, at 08:18, Keith Sutton wrote:

> Alex,
> You mention 'business kinks' in regards to automation. It would be  
> unfortunate for this project to loose that capability in the  
> framework due to business reasons. The automation library is fairly  
> old (in internet terms) and used by a lot of Flex customers and  
> testing tool/service providers (8-10 of them if not more). With  
> Monocle ramping up as a product it would be sad to see the Apache  
> Flex testing ecosystem being disseminated for it's commercial sake  
> when there is no real competitor to it (even with automation).
> Is there a need to raise this issue collectively with decision  
> makers involved in the 'business kinks' to influence this decision?

Would it be possible to get a list here and then duplicated on the  
wiki of what Adobe plans to donate and the status of it.

I'd like to know if the status is

complete (spark components etc)
legal (automation etc)
development (falcon etc)
idle (not sure if we have any idle, which is why this list would be  
useful, but anything that Adobe plan to contribute, but there is no  
active progress).

Including things like the status of Adobe having donated the name  
'Flex' as well would be good to be included.

Would something like that be feasible (Alex, Carol?), and be useful  
everyone else?


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