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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject State of the Project
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 11:00:17 GMT
I think the tension here is justified. Many people waited for a long 
time to work on things and the expectations are high.  Right now a lot 
of requests and questions that the people have could be avoided if we 
had some certainties:

   * What can we work on/discuss about?
      As far as I know Adobe doesn't know the full list of things that 
will be donated, but I guess there is a list of things
      about which Adobe officials are already certain about. For 
example: Flex Builder will not be donated.
     " The current MXMLC compiler will be donated but we are stuck with 
svn technicalities." If there was a list on what
      will definitely be donated together with an anticipated time-frame 
and the current status then we had better clarity
      about what can, reasonably, be talked about.

   * What is Apache Flex about?
      To me a clear mission statement that describes what the aim of the 
flex project is, is long overdue. Is this a project
      to maintain and improve a currently available API? Or is not API 
specific at all and does the Flex Platform want to provide
      a solution for dealing  with problems like "easy to use system for 
RIAs", "cross platform deployment", ...

      This could also be a little more detailed by stating things like 
"Fixed API per major version", "well documented", etc.
      It would give people a reference in conversations.

      In the example of "well documented": "I want to create a new 
documentation logic. Because I think
      the current system does not harmonize with the goal 13). My 
problems with the current documentation are A) B) C)".

   * How and when can we "document" feature/bug/fix requests? I have 
read mailing-list entries like "Jira is ready" and the
      Jira bug tracker is available for public use. However people 
restrain because they want Adobes Jira to be imported before
      that. So: Does that make Jira: "not ready"?

I think this sort of questions are important right now as the lack of 
answers seem to agitate the group and throttle the motivation.
I also think that these questions need to be answered by the Project 
team and not the community.


On 23/01/2012 18:38, David Arno wrote:
>> From: Erik de Bruin []
>> Sent: 23 January 2012 09:30
>> Please stay polite and mindful of others, ok? This is NOT a constructive
>> way to have a discussion, and will do your case more harm then good.
> There's a time and place to constrain oneself to politeness. Adobe's
> continuing incompetent handling of Flex takes us outside of that. I fail to
> see how we can have constructive discussions about this topic until Adobe
> sort out all the "legal technicalities" that keep springing up at random and
> causing us so many potential problems.
> David.

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