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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: Trace & Log
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2012 19:10:34 GMT
I am currently okay with using 0.05 nanoseconds (not milli) for a unused 
logging call (current state of performance). I am sure that monocle is 
fast. But I am not sure if a callback loop to AS3 would be (even if it 
might be available). And even if it would be fast, it could not be 
faster than implementing a compile-time logic (as was elaborated by 
adobe in their falcon blog post yesterday) as compile time is hardly 

Essentially I am proposing a system that allows compile-time filling of 
blanks in the code by things the compiler might know. Especially 
important for me are name and location of the caller of a method. I can 
imagine other things the compiler knows of might be important for other 
usages to:

XML description as provided by describeType;
     class MyClass {
       private static const asDescribed:XML;

For IOC it might be a high-performant way to combine that by using:
    [Fill(arg="typeInfo", data="caller.type.xml")]
    [Fill(arg="constr", data="caller.type.constructor")]
    public function createInstance(constr:Function, typeInfo:XML) {}

Maybe the compiler flags or other compilation data might be interesting:
     private static const flags:Vector.<String>;

    private static const compiledAt:Date;

Or maybe even custom arguments like the time when this was compiled
    private static const compiledBy:String;

That are just some idea I have had for that. I think it would help 
creating high-performance applications, especially important for mobile. 
And we might not be that limited when its up to logging solutions. Some 
questions still bug me:
*) How should this be named? (auto-fill, compiler-data,..)
*) What applications could that have? Is it interesting for IOC?
*) How to implement that? I would need a compiler crash-course. Are 
there members who could provide mentoring?


On 20/01/2012 03:28, Omar Gonzalez wrote:
> There is an incredible amount of data being passed from applications into
> Monocle at what appears to be an extremely fast clip. I can't speak to what
> methods they're using to accomplish that, but the speed is extraordinarily
> fast for as much data as there has been in the demos. Have you looked at
> the video? There is a lot of information _per frame run_ with highly
> detailed information about what is running, how long it took, the phases of
> the frame in which it occurred and other things that they still have not
> demo'd publicly.
> Either way, you're free to work on whatever you want, as is the "Apache
> way", I'm just letting you know of what's coming on the horizon as it might
> influence your decision, or you may not care and just do it anyway, that's
> your call! :)
> -omar

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