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From Keith Sutton <>
Subject Re: Spoon Community Call Feb 2nd
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 18:30:30 GMT
On 1/18/2012 9:05 AM, Greg Reddin wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 10:55 AM, Doug McCune<>  wrote:
>> Unless I'm mis-remembering the talks from the Flex Summit (which may very
>> well be the case), I thought Apache would only accept donations to Apache
>> as a whole and not to specific projects? So for example, if I wanted to
>> give a bunch of cash that would fund the creation of Flex t-shirts, or that
>> would pay stipends to speakers at a Flex-only conference, can Apache play a
>> role in that? Pretty sure this exact question was brought up around Apache
>> sponsorships and the answer was that giving money to Apache meant giving
>> money to Apache (and not to help any specific project).
> I think it's true that Apache does not accept targeted donations.
> That's where an org like Spoon could help - targeting material and
> monetary contributions related to the Flex project. Of course, since
> it's a separate org we will have to work out the details about use of
> the marks, etc. It's not something I want to get into right now
> because I don't know enough to have a coherent discussion about it :-)
> Greg
I think the circumstances and lack of visibility of Spoon over the past 
year can be interpreted in a negative way but from personal involvement 
(one of Adobe's Flex ecosystem coordinators) as a facilitator of the 
relationship between Adobe and Spoon in that period I can say a LOT was 
happening to get things rolling. Unfortunately, as things were getting 
rolling Adobe's strategic direction changed and took everyone by 
surprise. During that tense period many of the leaders of Spoon spent 
days and nights lobbying behind closed doors for things that, as a 
result, have come to pass. If it had not been for their efforts we may 
not have ever had this conversation.

I would encourage people to look at Hadoop, Cloudera, ... this is an 
open source project that took years to build from an idea in to an 
industry. Apache Flex has the luxury and challenge of being created as a 
significant open source codebase in the middle of a mature and thriving 
community, customer-base and industry. What Apache Flex doesn't have is 
the luxury of time as interest and perception of Flash/Flex is not good 
and faith/trust needs to be restored quickly or Flex may forever be 
relegated to the status of a hobby project that people and enterprise 
customers gradually walk away from.

An organization like Spoon can be many things for the community:
- represent the collective community - developers and invested customers
- community coordinator
- ecosystem coordinator (there are a ton of existing libraries, tools 
and services for Flex that may disappear)
- enterprise credibility - enterprises adopt open source where it is 
supported by commercially viable entities
- business facilitator - have a look at successful open source project - 
they all have commercial off-shoots
- mid-to-long term roadmap investor - where Apache Flex can facilitate 
the party here and now, Spoon can be the custodian and coordinator of a 
longer term roadmap, investment strategy, and coordinator of donations 
into efforts that contribute to Apache Flex and related projects

Their intent has always been to be open, and now is the time, for 
everyone to get involved and get on with build the organization, 
processes and people needed to keep all this going in the right direction.

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