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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: AS3 Enhancements: method overloading. Why do people want this?
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 06:00:36 GMT

> And my main reason for it is cross-version backward compatibility.
That is a valid implementation issue to me. In Java this is solved in 
the runtime. Personally
it is enough for me to just throw a notification during compilation that 
can be turned off:
"Warning: Overloading is a new feature that might break older code! You 
can turn this message off by setting the
compiler.warn-overloading property to false"

> I'm all for using descriptive names instead of overloading where possible,
> until you get into situations where the API seems overwhelming because there
> are 25 methods that start with "set", and forcing folks to use a descriptive
> name for an additional optional parameter you want to add in the next
> version doesn't scale.  Soon, the API docs just overwhelm you.
Making descriptive names is okay but having over-descriptive names are 
not necessary.
Names like "saveString" are for me in this particular category.

> Method overloading seems to contribute to API bloat in Java since every
> variant is in the doc,
So: The problem is that every variant is documented instead of some 
variants might be without documentation?
Having every case documented sounds kinda good to me. It would be 
possible to reduce the duplicates in API docs with improved templates. 
The too-much-information problem is usually solved with a different 
design, but that's  a problem with documentation
in general and not overloading in particular... imho.

The biggest difference between Java and AS3 is that in Java there were 
no default values or
variable argument length for almost a decade.

We can write methods like
    function myMethod(a: String = null);

in Java you were forced to write
    myMethod(String a);

of course resulting in a lot of overloading-use where its avoidable in 
AS3 already.


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