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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: [Logo Contest]
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 16:58:02 GMT
I think that is a good idea! As a submitter: please don't be afraid to 
ask questions.

However: I think a more problematic matter is the similarity between the 
submissions and other
projects logos. Having some sort of overview for the voters of similar 
logos to the ones submitted.
This might prevent conflicts with other projects and clarifies 
associations (it might be funny if the chosen
logo was similar to a condom logo or so). Just a suggestion.


On 17/01/2012 01:13, Jonathan Campos wrote:
> As we are getting to the end of the logo contest I would like to add on
> thing, and I want others opinion on this.
> After we close submissions I would like to have a 48 hour hold prior to any
> voting. During this time I would be happy to do the legwork and ensure that
> each eligible submission is not associated with the submitter's company or
> identity. Obviously any help would be appreciated.
> I know it sounds paranoid, but without this due diligence we may vote for a
> really cool submission that is directly in line with a company,
> possibly alluding to some connection between Flex and a specific company. I
> feel that these submissions should be excluded from voting as they could
> lead to some sort of odd association between a specific company and Flex -
> and I don't think that is the intention to this project. Obviously this is
> one of the many reasons we aren't using the Adobe logo or logo influence.

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