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From James Roland Cabresos <>
Subject Re: AS3 Enhancements: method overloading. Why do people want this?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 15:31:52 GMT
I remember wanting to have this feature back then when I was developing 
along side a developer who's using BlazeDS and I was using the Data 
Services feature on my end to generate the VOs and services. I remember 
banging my head when the data services throws an error I have no idea of 
when generating a service class that has overloaded methods. It took me 
a while to realize that was the reason because I wasn't knowledgeable 
yet with method overloading. Resolving the issue was such a pain as the 
developer on the backend side need to refactor the services to appear as 

On Monday, 16 January, 2012 11:02 PM, Nicholas Kwiatkowski wrote:
> While I'm no prueist OOP chest-beater, I would love to see method
> overloading.  I deal a lot with back-end communication systems, and one
> thing I hate doing over, and over, and over again are methods like :
> public function sendAsString(stringToSend:String):bool
> public function sendAsBool(boolToSend:Boolean):bool
> public function sendAsArray(arrayToSend:Array):bool
> public function sendAsInt(intToSend:int):bool

I definitely would support this feature, but knowing the scope of this 
project, I wouldn't push or be optimistic about having this supported.

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