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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Flexionscript
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:05:14 GMT
I am having things I am unclear about related to the AS3 language and 
the flex compiler. Maybe all those questions have already been answered 
(too many news these days to keep up on everything). I hope my questions 
are not too redundant.

AS3 - as far as I understand - is still in the "hands" of Adobe. 
However: Many people are interested in language features, some of these 
issues might be dealt by changing the compiler some might be dealt with 
by changing the AVM. It is my understanding that the AVM will stay in 
Adobes hand(with which I am fine with).

Adobe "can not" change the AS3 language without compiler and IDE 
changes. Also the flex compiler should not fix language problems 
creating some sort of egg-hen problem. If users (like me) are interested 
in language changes, whom should they best be addressed to?

Maybe it would be possible to have some sort of "platform" (mailinglist? 
subject prefix?) for talking about language/compiler issues? Wouldn't it 
be got to have a compiler flag like "-compiler.non-conform=true" or a 
code-name (flexionscript)  to test/implement/experiment with new 
compiler features without breaking the AS3 language (a little like the 
-webkit- prefix in browsers)? Is there something like that?

A question to the the apache flex team members that work at Adobe: Is 
there a workflow for telling the world (compiler, IDE, documentation 
providers) if or when improvements (I assume there will be improvements 
at some point) to AS3 as a language and AVM as a platform will be made? 
After all I assume this is the biggest "contact point" between the Adobe 
and Apache.

AS3 - the language Spec - is not contributed (right?), what about the 
MXML language spec?

sincerely yours
Martin Heidegger

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