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From Jeffry Houser <>
Subject Re: Resource Allocation ( was: Flex logo contest )
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 00:39:03 GMT
On 1/10/2012 6:58 PM, Rick Winscot wrote:
> As an example, what will happen if Adobe keeps cranking out Flash Builder versions? Do
committers get a free copy - or will they be expected to pay for it themselves?
  Why would committers get a free copy?  It would certainly be a nice 
gesture from Adobe; but I wouldn't expect it.

> At the summit, there was no question that Adobe was going to keep releasing the IDE (at
least that's what they said). If the expectation is that we keep step with advancements /
fixes... who _should_ pay for that connective tissue?

   I'm unclear what advances in Flex/Flash Builder would require us to 
change the Flex SDK.  Perhaps my mind is not being creative enough.

> If Adobe isn't going to help out with licenses... and committers can't keep up-to-date
- what of their status? Will they be dropped from the list?
  There are plenty of other IDEs for Flex development out there and 
thanks to the multi-SDK support of Flash Builder, I suspect many 
developers will have no problems working on the "old versions".

> I get the feeling that people hear 'non-profit' and immediately think that _everything_
is free / donated... perhaps in some cases it can be - but even Apache has a 'sponsorship'
page that details where 'monetary contributions' are spent. I'm sure that they have rules
for money handling - what 503(c) organization doesn't? ...but non-profit doesn't mean you
don't make money. It just means that at the end of the year you're expected to show a zero-balance
in your bank account.
  I don't believe this is true.  IT is expected that instead of 
pocketing the money, you re-invest back in the non-profit.

> I get really frustrated when people feel some sort of entitlement because they work on
project X or because your name is Y or you know person Z.
  Like the type of entitlement you're displaying by requesting free 
versions of Flash Builder from Adobe?

> Johnathan Campos - Apache Flex wants to have a conference in San Francisco on the first
anniversary of the project. Since you're on the commiters list... you'll be donating your
time - pro-bono. Oh... and btw - the conference can't make a dollar because it's non-profit.

   That is ridiculous.  Non-profits are perfectly allowed to make 
money.  Just the assumption is that you invest profits back into the 
cause of the non-profit.

> Oh... and btw - Adobe didn't agree to supporting anything like that so... you'll have
to come up with sponsorship yourself or pay for it out of your own pocket.
  Yep, if "we" decide to throw an Apache Flex conference, we'd be in the 
same position as any other conference, such as or or or...   I would not count on Adobe to 
be a sponsor; although from a business perspective I would definitely 
invite them to be one.

> Oh... and it's possible that Apache Flex may not even have anything to release by the
conference. Oh... and...
  I strongly doubt that we would put time into organizing an Apache Flex 
conference w/o planning to announce; but even if we do; is that so bad?

Jeffry Houser
Technical Entrepreneur
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