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From Brent Arnold <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex community website
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 17:20:32 GMT
Hi Bertrand,
>> So IIUC you think that
>> a) The layout of should be improved?
I don't know how the process works exactly, but how long would the 
project be at the incubator page? If it's any significant amount of 
time, then yes it should be improved.
>> b) To be appealing, a website needs to use Flash?
If the website is promoting Flex, then yes, it has to use Flash in order 
to showcase what Flex can do. A non-techie person won't understand what 
it is unless they can see it in action.
>> a) is easy, the website is found under
>> and people
>> are welcome to submit patches.
Of course it's easy for you and me, and many of the people on this list, 
but we have to consider that it's more than developers using Flex.
>> As for b), the Apache CMS used to build that website can obviously
>> serve swf files, is there more to it?
I sure hope there's more to it. What I'm trying to say is that the main 
marketing force behind Flex is now in our hands. Adobe did a tremendous 
amount of work to get it to where it is today, and if we take over and 
don't do anything to maintain it's appeal, then it's dead in the water.
>> As others have said, we can get a wiki by just asking for it, running
>> on either MoinMoin of Confluence. Something that's worked well in
>> other projects is to use the wiki as a scratchpad where people can
>> easily contribute all types of content, and have committers cureate
>> and move the best of that to the main project's website.
I think that's a great idea. Obviously what I'm suggesting isn't an 
overnight transformation, but a wiki will be a good place to start. I'm 
sure I'm not the only one who is passionate about Flex, but it's 
certainly more than the handful of people on this list.

Perhaps I'm looking at this the wrong way, but what I see is Adobe is 
dropping Flex into the hands of the Flex community. Hundreds of 
thousands of developers and designers use Flex and are now looking to 
the "community" for a new direction. Many people are confused and lost 
as to what to do. Who is providing that direction for them?

Not only do we take on the technical aspects of Flex (source control, 
bug tracking, new builds, etc.), but we have a responsibility (in my 
mind) to maintain the marketing and "customer facing" aspect of Flex. If 
I were explaining to my boss the benefits of continuing use of Flex in 
our development, and I sent them to the website, would they understand 
what Flex is? If I send them to Adobe's website, what will they see 
regarding Flex? What is Adobe planning with the hundreds of web pages 
that discuss Flex?

Sorry, lots of questions, but this is important to discuss. And as I 
review emails in this list while I type this response, I can see that 
people are already feeling overwhelmed with the number of unanswered 


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