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From Brent Arnold <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex community website
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 02:28:08 GMT
I agree that this list *is* the community, but what does the "face" of 
Apache Flex look like when it's out of incubator status? When I go to a 
website like, and then go to, which one looks more appealing? (no offense to 
Camel). Sure, both websites offer information on a product, but looking 
at text-based websites is just...boring.

And when I read things like:

Non-Apache committers can still checkout the site in svn and submit 
patches to the list. Otherwise they may access the CMS using username 
anonymous and an empty password and use the Mail Diff feature mentioned 
above to send patches to the list from the CMS.

I think how unappealing that is for anyone wanting to contribute videos, 
tutorials, documentation, links to examples, etc. There's no sense of 
when content goes live, what the appeal process is if initial committers 
oppose it, etc.

I guess I'm looking for a more "visually engaging" community site. For 
example, I sure hope we can embed SWFs in the pages, otherwise it'd be 
like selling air conditioners in the desert without a working model. 
"Trust me, this will keep you cool" ;-)

For now I'll just redirect the domain to the incubator page.


On 1/5/12 6:19 PM, Dave Fisher wrote:
> On Jan 5, 2012, at 4:28 PM, Michael Schmalle wrote:
>>> I wasn't sure what features are available to the community for adding wiki's,
>> I might have over stepped my knowledge with saying that can happen, as the actual
site is in svn. So that might not be a possibility but anything else can happen.
>> I need to check on if there is anything that allows non committer involvement through
>> Anybody know the answer to this?
> Until recently the answer was no. But now it is "YES". Please see
> I am going to give credit for this improvement to Apache Infrastructure and Joe Schaefer
who did a number of improvements in our recent migration of to the Apache
> Is Adobe planning to contribute web based documentation?
> Regards,
> Dave
>> Mike
>>> Brent, I have an idea, I'm a committer, the Apache Flex web site is a CMS, you
you got idea, share them and we can find a way to put your passion right into our web site,
since it's your website to.
>>> Let me know.
>>> Mike

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