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From Jeffry Houser <>
Subject Re: Proposition :: ASDoc and compiler adjustments
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 01:46:11 GMT

  At some point, most every Flex Component inherits from a Flash 
component.  In my own development, I Find it hugely beneficial to be 
able to look at all the inherited methods and properties.   I often find 
properties and methods up in the hierarchy that I didn't know existed 
just by reading the docs trying to figure stuff out.  I doubt I'm the 
only one.

  So, if at all possible, I vote that we should include those relevant 
docs.  I have no idea how Adobe generates them; but I had assumed it was 
from the source.

On 1/4/2012 6:18 PM, Alex Harui wrote:
> Good question.  We will have to first figure out whether we can/should.  I
> would imagine that there is JavaDoc for Java-based projects in Apache that
> inherit from Java classes and the JavaDoc does not include packages not in
> Apache project.  Maybe the mentors can answer.
> We might have to make it such that when you click the link for Sprite you
> end up in the Adobe doc for flash.display.Sprite.
> I believe the ASDoc tool doesn't handle that now so it might require an
> update.
> If we decide we have to have the flash.*.* packages in our ASDoc, I will see
> what we can do to contribute those files, but keep in mind they are under
> active development so it might be better if we learn to live without them.
> -Alex
> On 1/4/12 3:07 PM, "Jeffry Houser"<>  wrote:
>>    I'm curious if we'll be able to generate the full ASDocs, like what
>> are on the Adobe site without the source code for the Flash stuff.  We
>> can only go so far up the inheritance tree.
>> On 1/4/2012 5:40 PM, Michael Schmalle wrote:
>>> I do not have a lot of experience with the actual compiler and asdoc
>>> tool but that has not stopped me from having fun with parsers and AST. :)
>>> I am wondering if there is any interest in creating some apis in the
>>> compiler that jive with the asdoc tool(modifying the asdoc tool). I'm
>>> going to be looking into the source code of this tomorrow so I will
>>> have a clear understanding of what the work would be.
>>> My idea is this; If we could allow public api in both tools that
>>> expose themselves through java it would allow 3rd party developers and
>>> applications that could be made to enhance the documentation process
>>> through formatters and asdoc editor applications.
>>> This a highlevel idea but I have already written such an application
>>> using the jasblocks and asblocks AST framework, that are used to
>>> create a user interface into creating asdoc comments and such through
>>> visual editing of descriptions and tags.
>>> No more typing  /** ... */ is what I mean, the editor using the AST
>>> reinserts the comment using tokens.
>>> I have found taking the actual documentation process out of the IDE's
>>> code view allows for better documentation and actual revelation that
>>> creating great docs can be fun.

Jeffry Houser
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