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From "Rui Silva" <>
Subject Re: Spark StringValidator
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:42:00 GMT
> From: "Carlos Rovira" <>
> I think Alex or Carol should give a clue if some work on this was 
> started on the Adobe side to avoid duplicate efforts.

While that makes sense, Carlos, I wouldn't tell contributors to hold out 
their contributions waiting for what already has been done by Adobe. I 
assume this project is something like a codefest or a hackathon where 
everyone has a chance to make a change to something they feel should be 
improved or corrected. The PPMC will choose what it thinks is the best 
solution, but if we have more than one, great. That means that we get to 

It's a little bit like the Logo contest. We wouldn't suggest people to wait 
and see if there's something in the works. We just tell them to make a 
proposal. People inherently understand that the precious time they've spent 
doing it might amount to no return at all.

Well, these are just my thoughts around the subject, but what I envision 
for Apache Flex is a massive community contributing code pretty much 
without any strict rules apart from the ones that guarantee a stable 
releasable version at any point in time and that their code has the 
necessary quality (i. e. passes the tests).


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