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From "Rui Silva" <>
Subject Re: Non-core code, contrib and samples (was: Goal for Flex: Strengthening large-scale Flex applications...)
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 11:13:04 GMT

> Can't speak to any legal issues but personally I'd prefer generic plain
> vanilla Flex code examples rather than examples of various
> microarchitectures, trying to keep those in sync as they change and 
> up with more support questions about the third party implementations 
> the actual Flex SDK.
> - Peter 

I agree. We should to the best of our abilities focus on just Flex right 
now. The first examples and I'd say the ones that would be maintained by 
the group should be plain Flex. There will be places within (contribs and 
samples branches) or outside of the project to hold everything else the 
community thinks is necessary to better promote Flex.


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