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From Douglas Arthur <>
Subject RE: FLEX Logo Sketch
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 23:48:41 GMT
>From: [] On Behalf Of Carlos Rovira
>here's my own logo proposal. Hope you like it.
>Some points to highlight about the design:
>* I tried to create something simple, that looks elegant and sober, and yes, that could
fit in a T-Shirt... or at leadt I tried it ;).
>* I Searched that black logo over white background, (and white over black) was ok since
if this fails, other alterations will fail too (in the shared png the two logos on top of
the image)
>* Share as well a random design based on the logo to see how it looks (in the shared png
the bottom bigger logo of the image).
>Sharing about motivations of the desig... If I should explain why I end with this design...first
Apache is represented by a indian feather, I was thinking about the flex and its "flexible"
meaning and though about an Indian Box ;). So I traverse de FLEX logo with an arc that simulates
something like a bow, and >end with this form.
>Let me know what do you think about this idea.
>Hope you like it! :)
>Carlos Rovira

Do you have a link to this design you speak of? Attachments won't come through to this list...
- Doug

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