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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject OSGi bundle Plugin registry system
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 11:35:37 GMT

I noticed in a thread a member talking about modules and loading at  
runtime, using the term bundles. Anyone familiar with that term might  
think OSGi.

He listed the link below and said wouldn't it be great if Adobe open  
sourced this and donated it to Apache Flex.

Well, I have been working with a plugin registry system on my own for  
about 3 years now, that uses IoC, and extension registry like Eclipse  
with extension points and extensions. The asdoc editor was created  
with this very same framework.

Currently I'm using SpringAS for the IoC but if there was interest, we  
could abstract out the IoC and leave it application dependent on the  
system the app is using at the time.

I would really love to know if there was an interest in this type of  
project because I have so much time into one already. I have  
experimented as well with loading modules as bundles and it worked  
great using the Plugin paradigm. New extensions were loaded at runtime  
which would say allow new views and editors, commands etc.

Truly if there was an area I would love to expose with Apache Flex is  
showing it's potential in creating this dynamic runtime component  

The base framework is located;

The ui framework;

-> Menus, Toolbars, Dialogs, Windows

Note; I have been updating these in the last month to abstract AIR  
deps out of the ui framework. The base framework still uses Spring  
1.1. But as I said, if there was interest, we would abstract this to  
an IoC interface.

Let me know, if now, I will still keep developing this for my won projects.

Also, I now have it that you can run an app in the browser and desktop  
using the same code, creates different type shells based on the  


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