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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: What about Cairngorm 3?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 15:04:11 GMT
Quoting Omar Gonzalez <>:

A noise reply but, this is exactly what a flex-user/flex  
coders/stackoverflow/adobe forums would talk about.

To be honest, I am willing to put a huge amount of energy into  
committing and this project and I REALLY hope these discussions will  
sooner than later move to the appropriate forums/mailing lists.

I am hoping when a month or so goes by we as members could put to rest  
whether  these types of discussions are off topic or not for this  
particular mailing list. If they are not considered off topic, this  
could really be the source of a large amount of noise on this list.


>> I'm not against working out some best coding practices, that is certainly
>> welcome though not sure if that is a "responsibility" of the Flex
>> incubator. Personally think its important to keep focus on what the
>> incubator is about, i.e. the Flex SDK and while people are obviously free
>> to work on whatever they like it doesn't seem like a core aspect of the
>> project.
>> - Peter
> +1 - to be frank, I'm not in this project to tell people how they should
> code Flex, or save them from their own code. I feel the energy and effort
> could be better spent on improving and moving the Flex SDK forward.
> A Best Practices discussion I just don't see ending. Someone said the most
> popular frameworks are Swiz and Parsley... Really??? In my 6 years coding
> Flex I've never ever run into a project that used either, I don't
> personally know anyone that uses either framework, AND like someone else
> stated, I could say the same about Robotlegs and PureMVC - they're the most
> popular, I mean I haven't seen an O'reilly book on SWiz or Parsley like RL
> or PMVC.
> Anyhow, this is a discussion I see potentially turning into a religious
> argument that I think the energy could be better used elsewhere.
> -omar

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