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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: Petition: Flash Catalyst must survive
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2012 18:12:52 GMT

My reply was based off of not having anything to do with FC and  
Adobe's internal discussions. My opinion was based off of what I hoped  
would change through the process of developing Flex 2 & 3 components.  
It was cumbersome to write components and "skins" in 2 & 3 :)


> Quoting Doug McCune <>:
>> The saddest thing to me is how much time and effort went into building an
>> entirely new (yet still incomplete) component model (Spark) that was built
>> all around the idea of Catalyst. That's not to say that the Spark
>> architecture doesn't have good ideas when you remove Catalyst from the
>> picture, but the amount of time that went into designing it to work with
>> the Fc tooling was all for naught. I have to believe many decisions would
>> have been made differently, and a lot of time would have been invested
>> differently had the Catalyst tooling support not been the priority.
>> Personally I'm happy to see Catalyst go, and would have been happier to see
>> it go long ago.
> Having developed an extensive amount of components in Flex 2 & 3 I  
> will have to disagree that Spark was built "for" or around FC.
> Spark was created out of the desire/need to separate the view from  
> the component. Instead of doing everything in updateDisplayList(),  
> skins were introduced so views for each component could be  
> interchanged without having a coupled internal dependency on View  
> logic and rendering in the UIComponent subclass.
> I have never used FC in my life, so I saw Spark as alleviating a  
> huge coupling that the developer had to constantly deal with.
> Mike

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