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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: Congratulations to the first whiteboard addition :: navigators by Tink
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2012 00:24:54 GMT
Quoting Rui Silva <>:

> Michael,
>> I've got a question with the white board, when developing should we
>> use our own domains during experimentation so there is no conflict
>> with anything called spark?
>> If I want to add say a TabNavigator to tink, should I put it in his
>> "navigators" trunk or create my own trunk like mschmalle/navigators
>> and then use my domain name for package name for now?.
> ...
>> Mike
> ...
> Actually as I see it, once the Flex code is ported over, most of what's in
> the whiteboard will be branches of the main TRUNK, because most of the time
> we'll want to develop against the framework to guarantee integration and
> testability.
> Rui

Makes total sense and this early contribution for eventual review was  
from Alex's request of an Accordion and TabNavigator for the release  
if possible.

I feel that the community may be looking at me as a impulsive talker/  
poster/ commenter but, fortunately I have time right now to dedicate  
myself to creating a momentum, which I am trying to do.

I am trying to leverage my 10 years experience with Flash and Flex to  
get things going. It will be great when there are others the come  
along with a pace. I like communication and think it's the only way to  
at least give things a chance to die a proper death.

That being said, people with my personality type are always trying to  
check themselves to not seem to pushy. If anybody ever thinks that of  
me, just let me know and I will shut up for abit.


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