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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: First Flex release as soon as possible? (was: So, what should we do first?)
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 18:56:53 GMT
> Hey Mike
> It would be great to work with you on this stuff, and navigators
> would be a good starting point.
> Can I suggest we download each others code and examples, then try and
> get together on Skype video or something next Fri, when we've had
> some time to look at the code, then come back to the list with some
> sort of proposal.
> If so I'll send u my IM details off list.
> Tink

Great, this is what we're here for, send the details my way and I'll  
make it a priority to get your code and digest it.

I don't have any examples on GIT but let's put it this way; You focus  
on your code to make sure there isn't any glaring bugs since your code  
base is the one going to be used.

Since I know what I did with mine I will study your code, write a list  
of things mine may have done that yours don't that would be beneficial  
to a merge/additions.

I think it's more important for you to revisit your code, my code is  
really close policies, top, left, bottom and right tab bar layouts  
programatically for performance. I might have some other API yours  
don't aswell.

For sure check mine out but, I think you will understand what I'm saying here.

And honestly, I have never used Skype before. :) And yes once we get  
this list we will propose it here for all others.


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