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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: Too many open subjects
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 11:27:40 GMT
Hi Rui,

I am speaking for myself here and no others. I think the power of a  
community like Flex is one, by it's very nature and roots is a  
creative community grown from the Flash days.

Two, we all have are strengths and weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is  
SVN and the partial knowledge of it on an administration level. This  
means I cannot in good conscious even post a reply to branching issues  
and structure. I have to put my enthusiasm in things I know I'm good at.

I think the topics that have been brought up prove the broad spectrum  
of community we are dealing with. There is representation from all  
areas trying to nail down their domain.

I do agree that spending time on 30 threads and getting nowhere is a  
waste of all this initial energy.

For now I'm trying to outline things we are talking about on my blog,  
and yes people in the community are reading. We need to find a way as  
you said to get closure but I think all topics in discussion here are  
great because we are trying to tackle all spectrums of "getting this  
horse going" as quick as possible.

How to you suggest to get the class to stop and pay attention to the  
chalk board for these conclusions? I thought [VOTE] was for official  
things of the PMC members.


> Hi,
> First of all, WOW! This list is a living proof of Flex's relevance in
> today's web development scene! And the REAL community is still out there
> waiting to jump in as soon as we start showing something going out the
> door. Brace yourself, because this will be a roller-coaster ride! I'm
> absolutely loving every single topic we are discussing and we're touching
> in so many, so important things that will have major impacts on how this
> project moves forward.
> But, that's also the thing that worries me. We're leaving too many things
> open without trying get to some sort of closure (which in Apache terms, I'd
> say consists of a voting process). I understand that this is somewhat the
> result of this initial boom of energy resulting from the creation of a new
> project and that we want to get our main worries right in from the start. I
> also understand that this will inevitably start to tone down as the project
> progresses. There are, however, some subjects that I'd like to close down
> as soon as possible, like the Subversion branching and naming strategies,
> for instance. Should we have a vote on these?
> Sorry if I'm sounding like I'm spoiling the fun, but I've suffered too much
> from attention span issues in other situations too feel comfortable with so
> many important things flying around.
> Best,
> Rui

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