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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject Re: IView & ViewNavigator
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 09:34:58 GMT


I know I agreed with you on this when 4.6 was prerelease but I think  
Alex said until testing is working again, nothing major should happen  
to the code base.

Also, there is a lot of talk about keeping things simple and getting a  
release out the door without changing to much,

I am for getting the concrete references out of the base components. I  
would help do it with you. :)

So if you don't get a lot of interest right now, just wait until the  
right time. I have things I want to get going to but it's still to  


> I know I'm jumping the gun here but....
> On Adobe's 4.6 list there seemed to be a decent amount of interest  
> in having an IView interface for use with the mobile navigators  
> instead of them being typed to View.
> It seemed strange to me that Adobe choose to extend  
> SkinnableContainer for the View class for the following reasons.
> 1. You create instances of containers, and add elements to them.  
> With mobile navigators, they create the instance, so 99% of people  
> are extending view, it might as well be a Group, as you won't be  
> using Skin Parts.
> 2. If you are using Skin Parts, you'd want a SkinnableComponent, not  
> a container.
> Both these reduce the DisplayObjects required. I just don't see a  
> user case for the heaviest option, a container, that no-one uses as  
> a container, and is what your stuck with as there is no interface.
> With that in mind I put the necessary classes together for this. I  
> have an IView interface implemented throughout, although there is a  
> need here and there to cast to UIComponent for access to properties  
> and methods behing the mx_inernal namespace.
> So I have a custom
> NavigationStack
> SlideViewTransition
> View (implements IView)
> ViewDescriptior
> ViewNavigator
> ViewNavigatorBase
> ViewTransitionBase
> and added
> GroupView
> IView
> SkinnableComponentView
> would this sort of stuff be of interest, or should I continue to  
> push this stuff into my own open source lib?
> Tink

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