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From Michael Schmalle <>
Subject RE: Falcon compiler source code / Falcon architecture
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 12:34:23 GMT
Quoting David Arno <>:

> +1
>> Wouldn't it be important if the community had access to the Falcon  
>> source at a very early stage?
> There are some great ideas here around creating an API for the  
> compiler to support formatting and documentation tools for example.  
> Also I'd like to experiment with adding custom generics support to  
> the compiler. I'd love to get involved in this stuff, but see no  
> point in starting it with the mxmlc compiler source since we know  
> falcon is coming at some point. So please can those with the falcon  
> team's ear badger them into releasing to Apache as soon as possible  
> (before it's complete.)
> David.

I will +1 this as well since I will almost certainly be a major  
contributor/committer to this branch of development. One of my goals  
personally dealing with the Falcon compiler is to create a place that  
I will document everything I do as a notepad for others. So I would  
like to have as much documentation on the developing the compiler as  
say extending a component.

The compiler IS the Flex SDK and to empower developers to get involved  
would be a huge new driving force for the architecture built to use it.

I see this as a very important step in getting Apache Flex into the  
melting pot viewed fairly along side other competing technologies. I  
have had a few blog posts about the transformation of Flex and really,  
this is exactly where it is going to happen on the low level.


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