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From "David Arno" <>
Subject RE: State of the Project
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 11:35:43 GMT
> From: Martin Heidegger [] 
> Sent: 23 January 2012 11:00
> I think this sort of questions are important right now as the lack of
> seem to agitate the group and throttle the motivation.
> I also think that these questions need to be answered by the Project team 
> and not the community.

+1 to Martin here. It would be really good to hear from each of the initial
committers on what their personal vision for the future of Flex is. It's
possible that a consensus will arise from these visions, in which case we
all have something to aim for. If there is no consensus, then it'll
hopefully provoke debate on what we should be doing. 

Also, from the difficulties Alex is having, it seems likely that it will be
months before Adobe finish handing everything over to Apache. Do we just sit
and wait before doing anything? Do we push out a broken release in the
meantime? Should we start writing replacements for Automation immediately?
There is a difficult line to walk between the bad PR of a too-early release
and the community losing interest if it takes too long. Again it would be
useful to try and reach a consensus on this. Maybe it's time for some [vote]


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