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From "David Arno" <>
Subject AS3 and the AVM are two different things (was Flex incubation on Apache as Opensource)
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 19:47:10 GMT
> From: Jonathan Campos [] 
> Sent: 15 January 2012 19:11

> We have control of the SDK, not the language. 
> The language as part of the AVM is still controlled by Adobe. 
You are mistaken Jonathan. The AVM runs byte code, not AS3. The compiler
(which is part of the SDK and thus completely under our control) turns AS3
into that bytecode. Adobe will still control the bytecode specification.
They will not control the source language specification. They are two
distinct things.

> We can use the compiler to "adjust" the code as it's compiled 
> to simulate the changes we may be interested in, however this code 
> would be much slower than if it was running on the core language from the
Sorry, but this is nonsense. The core language of the AVM is not AS3. It's
bytecode. We aren't proposing trying to simulate changes to bytecode. The
changes will be made to the source language. The AVM imposes limitations on
what changes we can make to the source language (there'll be no method
overloading for example without some nasty bodges), but we can still make
significant changes. I'd suggest you check out haXe. It's very different to
AS3 in many ways, yet it compiles (faster) to AVM bytecode that often runs
faster too than the AS3-sourced equivalent.

> Ultimately I would recommend against people thinking they 
> are going to change the Date object or the floating point value 
> of Number or other deep language features.
That is true. We won't be able to make changes to the classes built into the


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