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From "David Arno" <>
Subject RE: ActionScript and Apache Flex
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:58:57 GMT
From: Web DoubleFx [] 
Sent: 12 January 2012 10:59

> Ok, nothing is perfect but in this case, on the AS3, the implementation of
> features would be more than well comed to believe the users including
> remains to be seen how this would impact on performences, once things
> the community could decide if such an implementation would be beneficial
or not, 
> it is what I say, I'm not saying that the language should be modeled on
Java or another, 
> but some features can be good to be taken.

Makes sense. As for performance issues, that's easy to predict. If we just
want compile-time support for enums, private constructors, abstract methods
and classes and the like, then none of them will have a significant impact
on runtime performance. All will impact (at least slightly) on compilation
times. Similarly, if we want runtime checking, then they'll have runtime
performance impacts.

I think all of: compiler-supported metadata, enums, private constructors,
abstract classes and generics would be easy to implement, as none require
special opcodes or do anything tricky with the VM. Other things (such as
method overloading and multiple inheritance/traits) would be impractical to
implement as the VM doesn't support them. Frustratingly though, until we get
our hands on the source if Falcon compiler, knowing the scope of work of
these tasks is difficult.


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