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From "David Arno" <>
Subject RE: Flexionscript
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 17:12:14 GMT
> From: Omar Gonzalez [] 
> Sent: 16 January 2012 17:02
> Well, to start this is the flex-dev mailing list for the Apache Flex
> it is not the Apache Flash Runtime and ActionScript 3 language Project... 
> so not sure why so many people want to come and suggest language 
> enhancements. I understand we all want improvements to ActionScript 3, 
> but that's not what we're doing here. 

I couldn't disagree more Omar! :)

Pretty much the only reason I'm here is to play my part in modifying the
compiler: both in terms of the source language and in what it outputs. I
have very little interest in the Flex classes themselves.

Of course I can do little until we get our hands on first the mxmlc and
compc compilers and then the falcon one. In the meantime, I'm enjoying
kicking around ideas on what we are going to do with the compilers when we
get our hands on them.


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