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Subject svn commit: r824539 - in /websites/staging/flex/trunk/content: ./ flex/index.html
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 13:55:53 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Thu Jul  5 13:55:52 2012
New Revision: 824539

Staging update by buildbot for flex

    websites/staging/flex/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/flex/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Thu Jul  5 13:55:52 2012
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/flex/trunk/content/flex/index.html
--- websites/staging/flex/trunk/content/flex/index.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/flex/trunk/content/flex/index.html Thu Jul  5 13:55:52 2012
@@ -67,6 +67,9 @@ Apache (ASF).</p>
 <h3 id="apache-flex-work">Apache Flex Work:</h3>
+<p>The Apache Flex team is currently testing a release candidate for Apache Flex 4.8.0.
 Apache Flex 4.8.0 will be a "parity" release with Adobe Flex 4.6.0.  We are essentially testing
our processes to make sure we can produce a build that allows you to continue to use all the
cool features of the Flex Framework, under the new Apache license.  Future builds will implement
bug fixes, new features and new components.  <a href="">Check
out the README on our SVN</a> to see how to grab this new testing build yourself.</p>
 <p>Trademark issues have been largely cleared up.  The Flex trademark is just waiting
on some procedural dance to happen before all the trademark issues have been resolved.</p>
@@ -91,7 +94,7 @@ Apache (ASF).</p>
 <p>FlexUnit is in the <a href="">process of being donated
to Apache</a> (Thanks Michael Labriola!)</p>
-<p>Justin Mclean has updated an <a href="">excellent
presentation</a> on the Apache Flex history and path to how we got here (hint see slide
#57 for a recent visual of SPOON)</p>
+<p>Justin Mclean has updated an <a href="">excellent
presentation</a> on the Apache Flex history and path to how we got here.</p>
 <p><a href="">360|MIN</a>
was announced by the producers of 360|Flex (now known as 360|Stack).  It will take place in
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on October 22 – 23, during the week that Adobe MAX 2012 was supposed
to occur.  360|MIN is a barcamp-style gathering that will feature many of the contributors
from Apache Flex.<br />

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