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From Jean-Remi Desjardins <>
Subject GWT web client. Http. JavaScript
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2011 04:45:23 GMT

I am a member of a group of students working on a game project. I have a 
few questions concerning Etch that I have not managed to conclusively 
answer by reading pretty much all the documentation and by playing 
around with Etch a fair amount.

First of all, I know Etch can work on TCP or UDP. If it works on TCP, 
does that mean it "works" on HTTP ? The reason I ask is because we are 
developping a web client to administer our game server. We would like 
our web app to communicate with the game server with a RPC framework. We 
would really like to use Etch.

We are using GWT (Google Web Toolkit), so I tried to use the etch java 
binding just to see what happened, and, unsurprisingly, the threading 
was not supported by GWT. I might of missed something but I doubt it can 
work. GWT supports native Javasript programming. So am wondering if 
anyone is aware of how risky (we do have a deadline) it would be to try 
and use the Javascript binding even though it is not completely stable 
at this point?

Thanks in advance for any answer, tips or advice you may provide. It 
would be greatly appreciated from all of us!

Jean-RĂ©mi Desjardins

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