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From S R <>
Subject Re: Status of Etch
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 18:15:42 GMT
We are currently using RPC (Windows) and are looking for a
replacement.  The project is a medium size (100+K loc) administrative
workflow system written in C++, used in a few large international
organizations with a few hundred users each.  Nothing huge, but
production stability is, as always, important.  RPC has been
stable/reliable, but is certainly dated.  The goals in replacing RPC
are 1) removing lots of tedious conversions between RPC-allowed
types/structs and c++ classes (particularly for third-party/stl
classes), 2) improved push notifications (rather than polling), 3)
cross platform (particularly on the server side).  In the future we'd
like to get http/firewall friendly communication and, while etch
doesn't have it now, there has been little development on RPC in eons.
 There is also an intangible aspect that RPC is making us do things in
strange ways that may not be the best design.

There are a few options out there, but etch seemed promising when we
last looked.  Further, I think we may be able to contribute to the
project if we adopt-- at least in documentation, examples, etc.  But
until C support is there, etch isn't an option.  Our opportunity for
doing something is over the next couple of months as part of a larger
update that will already require regression testing.  So, we'll need
to pick an option soon or stick with RPC for the foreseeable future.


On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 4:11 PM, scott comer <> wrote:
> S R wrote:
>> Related questions..
>> 1. Is anyone using Etch in a production system?
> the customers of cisco cuae 2.5 and follow on systems (released 17-sep-2008)
> are using etch. i don't have any numbers, but possibly in the dozens to
> hundreds.
> i know of several development projects using etch, including mine.
>> 2. Does the plan for the "pretty quick" 1.2 release include the
>> C-binding?  I understood that was the plan 6 months ago, but I wasn't
>> sure if new features have been dropped with the lack of development
>> activity.
> the 1.1 release is still pending, awaiting smallish administrivious changes.
> the kinda stuff that i really, really hate to do.
> the 1.2 release would follow. i need stuff from 1.2 for my current project,
> due january. so i hope that will be sufficient motivation for me to get off
> my personal dime.
> care to describe your project for us?
> scott out
>> Thanks,
>> Sam
>> On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 5:27 PM, scott comer <> wrote:
>>> hi keith,
>>> Keith Hankin wrote:
>>> I am investigating platforms for developing my company’s next-generation
>>> of
>>> network services. Is Etch an active project? It looks very interesting,
>>> but
>>> based on what I see here, it seems very inactive. No new version in 6
>>> months, almost no activity in the mailing lists over the past couple of
>>> months. Can someone tell me when the next version is slated to be
>>> released?
>>> What are the major changes and what else is on the horizon? Thank you.
>>> well, we have staged a 1.1 bug fix release with some new functionality,
>>> but
>>> the principles got sidetracked by a getting laid off and then two of us
>>> joined a startup.
>>> it is very near to the top of my list to finish putting up the 1.1
>>> release
>>> (the issues are not code related but process related). the 1.2 release is
>>> pretty quick on the heels of 1.1 and include some examples of services to
>>> support enterprise class deployments.
>>> scott out

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